The Indian traveler to Copenhagen

The Indian travelers demonstrate a rather independent travel approach - both in relations to research prior to travel as well as during the actual stay in Copenhagen
Fredag, marts 20, 2015

In this report, we present the results of a visitor survey of 100 Indian travelers to Copenhagen, conducted in Copenhagen Airport August 2014.
The survey was carried out by Wonderful Copenhagen in close cooperation with Copenhagen Airport (CPH) as part of the proactive efforts of the Global Connected Route Development Programme.

This is the first visitor survey with Indian travelers carried out by Wonderful Copenhagen and the results present new insights into the travel patterns and preferences of Indian travelers.
As part of the Global Connected proactive efforts, the survey will provide direction for further research and contribute to an insights-based Indian market approach.

The analysis and report is carried out by Signe Jungersted, Director of New Markets, Wonderful Copenhagen and Mille Marcussen, Senior Advisor, Wonderful Copenhagen.

A focus on friendly locals and safety

To Copenhagen the major challenge outlined by the results of this survey is therefore primarily related to the accessibility, visibility and relevance of information provided.

The areas presenting the highest potential for improvement of the travel experience are basic things –namely accessible tourist information and a relevant (and visible) city website.

The analysis of survey data indicates a strong appeal of Copenhagen and Denmark. The Indian traveler’s best experiences in Copenhagen focus on the friendly locals and friendly, local atmosphere. In addition, they rate highly the importance of the destination’s safety and family friendliness.

Upon potential return visits, the they indicate a desire to experience more sightseeing and museums, hence demonstrating potential as a target group for more classical, cultural attractions and experiences.

Overall, the positive experiences of Indian travelers match their expectations before travelling, which provides Copenhagen with a strong vantage point: The travel appeal and product is already present.

The success of Copenhagen will therefore depend on our ability to communicate our relevant selling points (ie. as a safe & friendly, easy-going city) in a clear, visible and relevant manner to the Indian consumers and travelers.

Read the report This is the Indian Traveler to Copenhagen.

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