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The South Korean traveler to Copenhagen

The visitor survey carried out in August 2014 provides us with valuable new insights into the South Korean travel patterns and preferences. At the same time, the survey data also suggest important knowledge gaps and key segments for further exploration.
Fredag, marts 20, 2015

In this report, we present the results of a visitor survey of 170 South Korean travelers to Copenhagen, con-ducted in Copenhagen Airport August 2014.
The survey was carried out by Wonderful Copenhagen in close cooperation with Copenhagen Airport (CPH) as part of the proactive efforts of the Global Connected Route Development Program.

This is the first visitor survey with South Korean travelers carried out by Wonderful Copenhagen and the results present new insights into the travel patterns and preferences of South Korean travelers.
As part of the Global Connected proactive efforts, the survey will provide direction for further research and contribute to an insights-based South Korean market approach.

The analysis and report is carried out by Signe Jungersted, Director of New Markets, Wonderful Copenhagen and Mille Marcussen, Senior Advisor, Wonderful Copenhagen

Copenhagen as a part of a tour

The senior travel segments is prevalent in the survey. This segment offers potential to Copenhagen and the Nordic region, as the senior travelers demonstrate more travel experience and therefore a higher propensity to explore the less familiar, Northern European region.
The data of this survey underline that Copenhagen is not the sole destination of the South Korean traveler. Copenhagen is part of a tour of several countries in Northern Europe, typically including both Sweden and Norway.

To Copenhagen as a travel destination, the major challenges are related to awareness and accessibility. The South Korean travelers surveyed leave Copenhagen without a deep impression of the city, in part due to the fact that many of them have only one or no overnight stay in Copenhagen. On the positive side, however, a large share of respondents are interested in returning to Copenhagen. Furthermore, they leave with a stronger idea of what they would like to experience upon revisiting, including museums, restaurants, local atmosphere, design and lifestyle.

The challenge is therefore to communicate and raise awareness of Copenhagen as an appealing city destination with more to offer to the South Korean travelers. With a different online landscape and a preference for online Korean language information, an important step in raising awareness of Copenhagen as a destination will be through identification of key online platforms for travel communication and inspiration.

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